About us

About Us

Social Science Press is one of the leading academic presses in the country with a list that displays the work of world-class authors through their books.

On 20 January 1999, the first book bearing Social Science Press imprint became a reality.

The book was Income Poverty and Beyond, edited by Raja Cheliah and R. Sudarshan and was offered to us by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It was completely subsidized by them. My younger daughter edited the book, despite her Board examinations. The book sold very well and saw several reprints. We moved on. We have kept Income Poverty alive.

Next year we published three books and then more books began to roll out. They were all distinguished.

Our focus has always been clear. We were interested in developing a good academic list which would serve the needs of the scholarly community and society as a whole by disseminating knowledge. We are also very clear about the importance of reflecting all shades of opinions and not any particular idea. For instance, we have books on gender but we are not a feminist press.

Social Science Press publishes books in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, with a strong concentration in History, Politics, Sociology, and Anthropology. We have woven, into this, the fabric of the society we live in. To this end the Press publishes books on important subjects, which are written lucidly in order to make them accessible to a large reading public. The books lend clarity and cogency to the confusions of everyday life, which in turn, bring in some modest way, a better understanding of one’s social and political world.

Our main area of publication is India and we have books devoted to the writings on India and South Asia from France and Germany and other foreign countries. These are made available in English translation to readers often for the first time. We also have a growing list in regional writings in English translations.

Aspiring to take academic writing to those outside the academia and to create an interest in the study of ones’ own society, the Press is developing a Series titled Uncommon Histories. These very slim books, written in an engaging manner, bring in new knowledge. The Press brings in this new knowledge also to the books on everyday life of marginalized people.

Unlike most Presses today, Social Science Press in accordance with its publishing policy welcomes good monographs.

The Press is very proud of its authors who are drawn from the best centres of learning all over the world. It takes special pride in being the first publishers of young future world class scholars.

Books published by Social Science Press are examined by experts before accepting them for publication. Production quality is closely supervised and made competitive with international standards.

Social Science Press books are very well distributed throughout India and South Asia. They have found their way into libraries all over India, as well as into the university libraries of the UK and US. The World Bank and United Nations also display Social Science Press books on their shelves.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Social Science Press has become a brand name for quality books.